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Eco-Packaging for sustainable
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Increasing numbers of pharmaceutical companies are responding to calls from customers, the media, political parties and pressure groups to stop using environmentally harmful plastic packaging. Demonstrate your full commitment to protecting lives by choosing sustainable biopackaging as well. Our engineers have spent many years developing innovative packaging. This combines common criteria such as flexibility and stability with unconditional sustainability. Make your corporate brand even greener with eco-packaging for pharmaceutical products that is made with Pulp Injection Moulding (PIM).

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Ecological pharmaceutical product packaging

An overview of the PIM packaging solution

PIM biopackaging consists of fully biodegradable, pulp, starch and water. Synthetic resin, which is used in conventional injection moulding, has a devastating effect on the environment. To protect it, we are offering you pulp-based eco-packaging with a paper-like texture. It is extremely rigid and can be used as a substitute for synthetic resin plastics. PIM packaging enables complex geometries and can be used for ampoules, syringes and many other medical and pharmaceutical products.

Pharma Packaging made from pulp, water and starch


Biodegradable pharmaceutical packaging


100% degradable packaging


Biologisch abbaubare Verpackungen aus PIM

PIM Material

Ecological fully degradable packaging for pharmaceutical products
Fully degradable

The advantages of PIM

Individual design for degradable packaging with protective effect

Customized design with a protective function

PIM can be used to create an impressive variety of forms including complex geometries. The size and structure of the packaging can be configured individually to customers’ requirements. With its uncompromising dimensional accuracy and excellent mechanical strength, PIM prevents damage during transport.

Ecological anti-electrostatic packaging


The anti-electrostatic properties of the packaging protect products from static charge and dust.

PIM packaging disposable as paper waste

Easy disposal

PIM biopackaging can be disposed of as paper waste, thereby streamlining the waste separation process. The water solubility of PIM is similar to that of paper.

Pharma packaging solution to reduce CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Compared with petroleum-based plastic packaging, PIM eco-packaging for pharmaceuticals reduces CO2 emissions by up to 72% (Japan-based calculation) in terms of the overall product life cycle. The lightweight packaging material also minimises the energy consumption and costs that are incurred during transportation.

Compostable pharmaceutical packaging - Biodegradable


The PIM material is biodegradable in soil within six months. Our products can also be disposed of in general waste incinerators.

Present yourself as a sustainable pioneer and promote positive PR. Build on your relationship of trust with customers and important pressure groups with our certified, long-lasting and completely biodegradable PIM packaging.

PIM material compared to industrial-grade plastic

pim material comparison test standard
Degradable pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer

From consulting to mass production

First we develop several design alternatives that offer maximum production efficiency based on your requirements. The packaging design that is selected is used for individually aligning the test injection moulding tool and creating samples. Once you have checked and approved the results, the packaging is mass-produced in our GMP-certified production hall.

PIM production phases

Pim Pharma Solutions

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