Containers made of bio composite – biodegradable without any traces of microplastics


Sustainable eco-packaging for food – where a natural look meets functionality

Environmental considerations are playing an increasingly important role in the food sector. The countless organic products that are now available on the shelves are sending a clear message. However, with their objective of becoming part of a more sustainable society, many consumers don’t just look at the product itself, but also at how it is packaged. The Sulapac® packaging solution gives your customers a clear conscience, has a unique appearance and provides outstanding functionality, giving your brand the opportunity to tackle the most important issue of the future.

Eco-packaging Food
biopackaging food sector

An overview of the Sulapac®
packaging solution

Choose between Sulapac® Universal and Sulapac® Premium. Different natural looks, all 100% sustainable.

Sulapac® is made of wood composites obtained from sustainably managed forests. Visible wood particles give the eco-packaging for food a refreshingly natural appearance. The material complies with EU regulations (EU 10/2011) regarding secure contact with foodstuffs, has long-lasting properties, and is entirely biodegradable without leaving any traces of microplastics. At the same time, it loses none of the robustness that is required of excellent packaging. In addition to the standard sizes that are available, you can configure the size and colour of the containers individually. Sulapac containers can be used for food supplements, chocolates and other dry products.

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Sulapac packaging
Sulapac eco-packaging
Packaging for the food sector without microplastics

The advantages of Sulapac®

Biopackaging with oxygen barrier properties

Optimal functionality

Sulapac® has excellent oxygen barrier properties, ensuring high levels of stability and reliable use for a shelf life of over a year.

Sulapac containers

Natural look

The integrated wood particles give Sulapac® containers a recognisable, natural look. Nine colours are available.

Food packaging without microplastics

No residual microplastics

Sulapac packaging was developed with the aim of reducing plastic pollution. It can be broken down by naturally occurring micro-organisms, leaving no microplastics behind.

Compostable food packaging - Biodegradable


Sulapac® packaging materials biodegrade under industrial composting conditions
(tested according to EN 13432).

Safe compostable food packaging

Safe in contact with foodstuffs

The EU regulations for risk-free contact with food (EU 10/2011) are fully satisfied when it comes to the selection of product components – making Sulapac® a secure alternative for people and the environment.

Position yourself as an intelligent food company that cares about protecting the world around us. With Sulapac®, consumers and other socially relevant groups will regard you as an eco-friendly pioneer.

The biodegradable process of Sulapac® products

Biodegradable food packaging
Producer of ecological packaging for the food sector

From consulting to series production

Our customers can currently choose between the standard sizes of 7 ml, 9.2 ml, 133 ml and 200 ml. A new product can be launched on the market very quickly if you choose a standard version. If you require individual biopackaging designs for food, we can develop tailor-made solutions that are based on your requirements. Our local sales representatives will be happy to spend time creating the best solution for you, from its design to manufacture. The packaging is produced cost-effectively in Europe or Japan – production in the USA will also be possible soon.

Ecological cans in standard sizes

Sulapac® containers in standard sizes

Sustainable cans for food - Containers

7 ml

eco-packaging food

9.2 ml

Ecological packaging for the food sector

133 ml

Sustainable degradable food cans

200 ml

Technical Data Sheets

NISSHA – Jar occupancy rate with different size capsules-EN-20211120 – PDF

NISSHA – Biodegradable jar catalog for dry and oily fillings-EN-20211129 – PDF

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