Containers and trays made from completely biodegradable materials


Elegant cosmetic eco-packaging
for a clean environment

Packaging is an essential element of products in the cosmetics sector. It also constitutes the majority of the waste that these products create. This often involves plastic that drastically pollutes the oceans. Increasing numbers of consumers are calling for an ecological 360 degree turn from cosmetics companies as a result. You too can continue to light up our world in impressive colours. Sulapac® and PIM are two biopackaging solutions offering you pioneering innovations. They combine environmentally-friendly sustainability with optimal functionality and a natural appearance.

We provide additional information about the Sulapac® solution below – primary eco-packaging for high-quality cosmetics. PIM eco-packaging for cosmetics is suitable as secondary packaging when required for customised designs. To learn about the properties and advantages of PIM, please click here.

Sustainable packaging Cosmetics
biopackaging Cosmetics

An overview of the Sulapac®
packaging solution

With Sulapac® Premium and Sulapac® Universal, we offer two different material qualities. Decide for yourself which natural option suits your brand best.

Sulapac® consists mainly of different-sized wood chips and plant-based binders that originate from sustainably managed forests. Sulapac® biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind. The visible wooden particles give the containers a natural look. You can configure the colour and size of the packaging according to your needs and use it for protecting balsam, wax or powder. Water-resistant containers for skincare products will be available shortly.

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Ecologically degradable eco-packaging cosmetic
Biopackaging cosmetics
Sustainable, degradable product packaging for cosmetics

The advantages of Sulapac®

Ecological packaging with good oxygen barrier properties

Optimal functionality

Excellent oxygen barrier properties provide optimal stability and reliable use for a shelf life of over a year.

The degradable plastic packaging with a unique natural look

Natural look

The integrated wooden particles in Sulapac® give it a uniquely natural look. Nine colour options are also available.

Degradable cosmetic packaging without microplastics left behind

No residual microplastics

Sulapac was developed with the aim of reducing plastic pollution with sustainable packaging for cosmetics. It can be broken down by naturally occurring micro-organisms, leaving no microplastics behind.

Compostable cosmetic gels


Sulapac® materials biodegrade under industrial composting conditions
(tested according to EN 13432).

Sulapac material for cosmetic products

Safe in contact with cosmetics

Sulapac® materials comply with EU regulations for harmless contact with cosmetics (EC 1223/2009) – a safe option for people and the environment.

Make an ecological statement and show your consumers and other influential stakeholders that you value more sustainable packaging for cosmetics.. This will help your brand stand out as a shining, environmentally-friendly example in the competitive cosmetics market.

The biodegradable process of Sulapac® products

Biodegradation of cosmetic packaging materials
Consultation and series production of degradable packaging

From consulting to series production

We provide containers in various standard sizes. Currently, you can choose between 7 ml, 9.2 ml, 133 ml and 200 ml. We offer customised solutions to customers looking for an individual packaging design based on their specific details. Our local sales representatives will spend time discussing and defining the optimal solution with you, from the design of the container to its production. The eco-packaging for cosmetics can be produced cost-effectively in Europe or Japan. A production site in the USA is in the planning stages.

Sulapac® containers in standard sizes

Sulapac cans tins doses

7 ml

Ecological cosmetic jars in different sizes

9.2 ml

Sustainable fully degradable cosmetic jars

133 ml

Sustainable fully degradable cosmetic jars without microplastic

200 ml

Technical Data Sheet

NISSHA – Biodegradable jar catalog for dry and oily fillings-EN-20211129 – PDF

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